Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As a photographer I strive to take good and creative pictures of my children. This has become more and more of a problem as they become more mobile.

I was astounded over the weekend when Daniel wanted to take a picture of Spencer. He gave directions and Spencer followed.

I’m lucky if I can get my daughter to stand still for a half a second before taking off again.

All I can do is pray for a lot of light and a fast shutter speed. I can’t afford the big equipment to compensate otherwise.

But we may have discovered a plausible explanation for this behavior.

Stella, it seems, wants to be making pictures, not in pictures.

Increasingly she asks for the camera because she wants to take a picture.

And I must say, she has made some pretty good pictures.

It’s also interesting to see life from her perspective.

Below are pictures taken by our future photographer.