Friday, July 30, 2010

Gear Heads

Recap of a conversation this past weekend.

Walking along the street, Stella in Daddy’s arm.

The happy sound of a motorcycle approaching.

Stella turns excitedly to see...

Stella: “motorcycle, motorcycle, eeeeeeew there's a motorcycle!”

Me: “Yeah a motorcycle, are you going to ride with daddy when he gets one?”

Stella: “No, I’ll ride by myself!”

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brotherly Love...

…or sibling rivalry?

To finish off our nightly bedtime routine, Stella taken to laying her head on the big belly while mom sings a good night song,

With the physical contact and mommy singing, little brother becomes really active; almost as if trying to push his head upwards to connect with Stella’s.

Is he trying to telepathically communicate?
Is he trying to push her out of the way so he gets all the attention?
Is it really aliens creating an antenna to send communications to another world? (remember my previous posts)

I’m going to remain positive.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Late night photo shoot

I’ve been saying I am going to do it for weeks.

Tonight I’m going to bite the bullet.

I know I’m a horrible father.

Poor kid just wants to sleep.

She won’t even know.

She is just too damn cute.

Hold on a second, I gotta go get the camera.

It won’t disturb her slumber.

Quiet now, turn off the camera beeps.

Bang! Careful with the tripod.

I can’t see a darn thing.

Aperture wide, exposure long


Wow, I never realized that auto focus light is so bright

Pump the ISO up.


Wish I could manual focus but I still can’t see a thing.


Raise the window a bit


A bit more


Got it!

Exit, just as she rolls over.

This morning Stella found the tripod.

After examining it she told me to put the camera on and take some pictures.

Man she’s hard core, a photo session even before a cup of coffee.


My grandmother had a large picture board in her house. Ppassing from the living room through to the kitchen you could view pictures of family, friends cards pictures et cetera.

There was famous picture of me; a faded Polaroid, me sitting naked at my grandfathers organ in the living room.

Something about jumping out of the bath and running to the organ to play.

I don’t know what happened to that picture but we have an opportunity to replace it.

As we see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Acrobat

I think it's time

to update the crib

to a big girl bed!

Editors note: the first picture is how Maja found Stella one day when she was supposed to be taking a nap.

Rough translation:

Maja – You can’t just go climbing out of your crib, you could fall and break your neck.

Stella: looking up with big blue eyes. „but I’ll be carefull“

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sand disaster - Conclusion

On the last day of our “beach“ vacation we Finally got Stella in the water.

Well sort of.

Daddy was determined to go swimming at least once; even if the girls had to sit and watch.

We went to have a look at the “big water” as Stella calls it.

I asked her one last time if she wanted to put her feet in and to my surprise she said yes.

So I scooped her in my arm and carried her a little way in. It was shallow so with Stella’s encouragement I waded pretty far out.

Then I dipped her feet in and she laughed with joy.

We let the waves crash into us.

She started splashing with her feet.

But when I dipped us in so that she was in the water to her waist, she wasn’t to crazy about that.

After a few minutes we ventured back into shore and she waded in the water a bit.

Not really swimming but getting there. I think if we had had another couple of days she would have been in.

We returned home and visited Oma and Opa, who to battle the heat wave we have, promptly filled up a small pool for her.

We haven’t been able to get her out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Earning your wheels!

First, ask for helmet and bike, then to the surprise of your parents wait patiently as they put the helmet on.

Phase one: walk with your “laufrad” between your legs.

Phase two: put a little bit of your weight on the seat.

Phase two point two: Let daddy pull you around.

Phase three: sit further back on the seat

Phase four: kick back and roll with it.

Phase five: stop, look back with a big grin on your face and say, “ich schneller” then continue on.

Each day we have taken advantage of the large parking lot of our vacation apartment to learn riding our bike (laufrad).

I didn’t think it would happen this year. At home she showed little interest in really riding it.

But this week, every night when we came home she wanted to try. And last night it clicked. She really put her weight on the seat, kicked and let the momentum of the bike carry her.

Then it was hells bells, she was all over the parking lot. Especially trying to run over mommy and daddy’s feet.


Potty training is going very well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Picking up chicks

As a young boy, family trips gave me a chance to check out the landscape in other areas, work on my socializing skills, meeting new people and well yeah trying to pick up chicks.

This all though, I remember so I must have been cognizant of my action.

This young feller is starting a little early for my liking though ,-P

Stella being hit on in a police car. Hmmmm….

Tuckered out

We did it.

For a kid that doesn’t sleep in the car,

We tuckered her out so much that she crashed before we left the parking lot.


Yesterday we went to the Vogel Park Marlow.

A place I can highly recommend if you are in the area.

A bird zoo/garden/giant playground.

They did a really nice job integrating the landscaping with exhibits and having playgrounds interspersed.

At first Stella just wanted to stay and look at the storks, but then she figured out that there were different exhibits and she was excited to continue on.

Of course a big hit were all the play areas. Especially the large trampoline mountain…

…and the basket swing. At first she kept saying “harder, harder” but then after a while in this basket thing she leaned back and eyes glazed over.

She looked like she was nauseous. Then she was ready to get out.

And while she liked watching the animals, she wasn’t too crazy about them coming to her. There was a lady in the Lori section with three birds on her hand. As Stella held our her hand to touch one, it pecked at her which startled her. From that point on, if we went to look at a bird, Stella made sure it was okay by asking “volgel nicht owa” (bird won’t hurt?). And she wasn’t too crazy about the kid (baby goat) wanting to get in her stroller with her.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sand disaster Part II

This morning was a strike out!

We loaded up all the gear,

Greased ourselves up with 50spf sunscreen,

Hoofed it to the nearest beach entrance,

Set up camp.

Our reasoning, if we’re there, the kid has to at least set her foot in the sand.

And she did... temporarily.

We even put socks on and then tried her sandals too.

Still to no avail,

She managed to walk 10 yards to look at a crying baby but didn’t want to walk back.

She sat in her stroller,

20 minutes later we packed up and left.

She’d much rather be where the people are. She’s always asking, “lots of kids?”

I’m not a beachcomber by any means but when we’re here, I’d like to hang out on the beach for a little while. And at least go swimming once. So far I’ve made it in up to my shin.

Back to the saga. Be with people. Made her day by going to the puppet theater and spending lots of time at the playground.

But what’s it going to take to get her on the beach I continue ask myself.

“Crocs” that’s what.

We found a store that had little croc type shoes and bought her a pair.

This evening after dinner we decided to check out the beach one last time.

Waddaya know, she walked down to the water.

She even went as far as to let me hold her and let her put her hands in the water. But that was enough. Trying to dip the feet was too much.

So I’d say that’s a base hit. We still have a few days of vacation left.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Bi-Polar Express

You know, I know where the story of Jekyll & Hyde came from. It came from a parent of a two year old.

This morning, not even 24 hours into our vacation, I was ready to throw in the towel.

The child just would not listen. Blatantly ignoring us, acting desctructive, screaming and carrying on. All on her terms. “no I won’t eat that, oh you just put that away, yes I want it after all.” Ha ha just kidding, and to prove I am messing with your head, I’m going to throw it on the floor.”

Afraid of sand. Yes my friends we’re at the beach and the child will not touch sand or water. Both of us have determined that she is not our child, which only confirms a previous post that the aliens have taken our daughter.

But then you get those moments;

Moments where full sentences come together or she properly asks a question which includes please or bitte.

Or the pure joy at watching the seagulls.

Wanting daddy to take her down the big scary but enticing slide.

Saying she needs to make a wurst (doing #2) and looking you straight in the eye while consciously pushing and making the funniest face you’ve ever seen.

And even telling us she needs to go potty. We’re so proud. Potty training is continuing even while on vacation and today she was without diaper the whole day. Of course at the restaurant she had to go to the bathroom several times and now she only wants to sit on the big potty. A few times we had to even squat on the grass.

We did have a set back last night, she needed to go but only wanted to go on the sidewalk and not on the grass. That we wouldn’t allow. Guess she has been hanging around with the dogs too much

Dancing with excitement while watching the jazz band, or cuddling in your arm during the slow songs.

It is like golf. Somehow, something keeps you going.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.