Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It’s cold. No let me rephrase, It is Flippin’ freezing here.

No exaggeration, some are saying that this is the coldest winter we have ever had.

We’ve had minus 19 degrees Celsius days (that’s ZERO for your Fahrenheit people).

That’s ZERO with the sun shining at 100% power with no clouds at high noon!

Our kids don’t seem to notice though.

Once outside Stella doesn’t want to come in.

Emmett pulls his snowsuit out to show he’s ready to go out.

We have to beg and sometimes "order" them to go back inside before we get frostbite.

And we have thoroughly been enjoying it.

Exploring our winter wonderland...


Making snow angels


Tasting snow

(tastes good)

In other words enjoying Old Man Winter!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Party

Have you ever heard of a book party?

It happens quite frequently at our house. It can be a community activity involving several parties.

Sometimes however it can also be a solitary activity as seen here.

Clear the book shelves,

Surround yourself with books and enjoy.

Recently Stella discovered my Mr. Men books. She loves to sort them out, look at the back where all the men are listed and asks me who each one is. And somehow she has picked out favorites. Even though we haven’t read it, she knows who Mr. Slow is.

The other day, Stella said she was going to read me a story. She opened up a book and started in. Even though we have only read a handful of these books, she has the storyline for the books down.

She started in, “here is blah blah blah and this is where he lives. Our story begins here and this is what happened.” I shouldn’t be surprised but it really impressed me.

The past few days we have had some quality father/daughter time. Unfortunately Stella came down with croup. I really think the one on one time for three days really boosted her English skills.

We also had lots of fun, playing games, playing outside in the minus 10 degree weather (which this dry and cold weather is supposed to be one of the best cures for croup), reading books and singing songs.

Stella took care of her “sick” baby as well. Keeping her well fed, sleeping in a quiet place, carrying her around and sharing the inhalation machine.