Monday, April 26, 2010

OMG She's "2"

It’s hard to believe.

Time really does fly.

Yesterday our little girl turned 2


On another note, a side I haven’t had a chance to post.

The fascination with marching bands continues.

At the Easter festival in Carlow the Krummesse marching Band was playing.

Stella was all ears…and attention.

During a break we went over to the instruments and quickly picked up the drumsticks and started beating on the bass drum.

Before we left, she picked up the cymbals and gave a couple loud cymbal crashes in memory of Uncle Dave.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What difference does a letter make

At first I didn’t think it was a big deal.
Lately new words pop out all the time.
But this was a modification.

It’s really struck me.
My baby is growing up.
This is another step in development.
Bigger than you would think.

Somehow she decided she wanted to say it differently
All she did was replace a letter, but still it was her choice.

It sounds so much more grown up.
And It’s rather cute
Cause now she says
Mommy and Daddy
instead of Mamma and Dadda.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Too tired to sleep

Last night Stella brought our her negotiating skills during our bedtime routine.

Rewind: latest routine – the family brings Stella to bed.
Daddy lies down next to the crib while holly gets comfortable in the ladybug tent and mommy reads a story while Stella drinks her milk.
After milk and book, mommy puts Stella in bed and leaves the room. Stella and daddy hold hands for a minute or so, release, another minute or so and then daddy and holly leave.

Not a bad deal. I can usually use the 10 minute power nap.

Yesterday however, was a long day.
Although tired, she skipped her afternoon nap which only made it harder for the exhausted child to settle down for bed that night.

When I thought all was good, I got up to leave.
Stella sprang up, begging, no I should say, demanding that I stay.
I agree but bargain that she has to lie down and close her eyes.


At the bat of an eyelash she drops back down and nestles into her pillow. I resume my position next to the crib.

We lie there quietly for a few minutes. Every once in a while I would turn my head to check on her. The little stinker had eyes wide open, staring at me. As soon as she saw me look, she’d shut her eyes quick.

This game when on for about ten minutes until she finally settled down.

I got up to go.
She turned her head towards me.
I blew her a kiss.
She put her hand to her mouth to blow one back but didn’t have the energy to lift her arm back up and rolled back to her pillow as I closed the door.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern Marvels

We’ve fought

We’ve wrestled

Sweat has flown off our brows

Our friends told us there was a solution

It sounded like it may work

We continued to fight

Exhausted & frustrated

Gray hairs appear in fervor

Our friends told us there was a solution

It really works, they said

We would not give up

It’s for her own good

Our friends told us there was a solution

The local store didn’t have it

We wrestled


Why is this so hard?

The big store had it

We bought it

She’s fascinated by it

Uses it for extended periods

Opens up happily

Such a marvel

The electric tooth-brush