Monday, August 30, 2010

Test Run

This is a test

Only a test

How are you going to react to your little brother



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Katie, Emelia, Stella & Babydoll

Late Friday Emelia Helena Kasper entered our world.

Sunday we wanted to go visit Mommy and baby. .

Stella was so excited to see the baby that she willingly passed up an afternoon nap with Opa.

So with her baby doll in hand we headed off to the hospital.

Stella was fascinated. Always wanting to look.

Kathrin, Stella & Emelia

She presented her baby to Katie and then laid her in the baby bed.

She then crawled on to Kathrin’s lap to sit with Emelia.

Stella sized her up

Listened intently

And petted her quietly.

We had to watch out for probing fingers in eyes and other crevices but on a whole Stella was very gentle.

Proud Papa - Steffen & Emelia

I did pause for thought though when Stella stuffed her baby in the nightstand and slammed the door so baby could “sleep”.

baby Emelia

I’ll make sure the washing machine door is always shut

with a full head of hair

It’ll be all good.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Treadburner 2.0

Development happens in leaps and bounds and if you blink you miss it.

Not more than two months ago Stella couldn’t reach the ground on her Laufrad.

Now we can’t keep up with her.

Dad pulled out the rollerblades to try and get somewhat stable video footage.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We’re in an old Victorian house

There are several people but they’re in the background

We are visitors

There’s a brooding storm outside

The House wails as the wind blows through

The color is a depressive blue duotone

They tell us it’s haunted

The house?

The town?

There’s a knock at the door!

Don’t answer it they say

As a figure heads to the door

I see only flannel shirt, long hair and jeans

It seems to be a door to the cellar

Don’t open it they shout as she twists the knob

She pokes her head through

Curious Stella slips between her legs

Down a dark spiral staircase

It’s twisting, can’t see the bottom

I grip the center column

Try to stop the spinning

With a bit of struggle it does

I jump to the bottom

Stella’s gone

Not a sound nothing

Just a faint shadow from a light or a window in the foreground

I wake,

My hands feel as if I have been gripping something very tight.

Strangely enough Maja had a dream the same night

Similar theme

Stella disappeared

and we couldn’t get her back

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Big Brother

The native Americans named their baby after the first thing they saw after birth.

I just grab names when they seem to fit.

This morning we had another doctor’s visit.

Today we had the head doctor of the unit who is a big America fan which made for some good conversation. It seems he’s been to more cities than we have.

And he’s measuring

And showing us this

And that

Legs are big

Stomach & Bladder full

Blood flow is good

All measurements are at or above where it should be

The computer computes

44cm 1845 grams

He’s got another 9 weeks to grow.

Stella was 46cm and 2300 grams

He is

Or will be

Little Big Brother

Friday, August 13, 2010

What I would do....

...just to harness a small part of this energy.

This string of takes were filmed during a 10 minute period last night.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Insurance anyone?

She’s stubborn

Nothing stands in her way.

She likes to look at pictures on Daddy’s computer.

On most occasions, she doesn’t want to join us at the dinner table.

Oh, and she can climb!

I should have been ready.

While making dinner I hear a fuss in the living room.

Between the screams and “Neins” I hear something about dinnertime and pictures afterwards.

Moments later, in walks mommy, muttering something to the effect that she’s my daughter.

All is quiet in the next room.


I say, and ask if she put the computer away.

“Of course” she says, “on the table as usual.”


We both turn our heads to see Stella enter the kitchen, struggling to carry daddy’s computer, slowly slipping from her grasp as she enters the kitchen.

Stay calm, we have to disarm her.

Poker face on,

Nerves of steel.

I swiftly sweep in

I whisk the computer a way as she tries to lift the computer to me.

“Thanks honey” I say with heart racing I place it on the table.

Whew, no damage done.

Mommy and daddy look at each other, “guess we have to find a higher spot” we say in unison.”

It’s only a material thing but with so much of our lives tied to it…these stories, pictures, videos, everything else…it begs the question….

Would insurance have covered that?

Lilly James

Need I say more?