Monday, June 29, 2009

A warm Homecoming!

I was on a business trip all week. Most of the time when I spoke to Maja, Stella was sleeping. On Saturday however Stella was awake.
Maja put me on speakerphone. As soon as Stella heard Daddy's voice, her face brightened up, she laughed, grabbed the phone and started babbling happily.
Late Saturday night, I returned from my trip. Right before heading to bed, Stella woke up; she needed a change of clothes. Even though she was just coming out of a deep sleep her face brightend when she saw Daddy and giggled and flirted with him.
Daddy had the privilege of putting Stella back down and in the morning Stella again helped Daddy make pancakes.
Precious moments that shouldn't be forgotten. :-P

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Animal Speak

Stella's vocabulary is in creasing. Sometimes I think she is going to be speaking animal before she speaks English or German. She loves looking at books with animals and we teach her what each animal says. She laughs when daddy does the roar of a lion, or the primitive sounds of a monkey. Today we taught her the wolfs howl.
One of her new favorite sounds is ee-aw donkey sound. She hasn't quite connected it with the donkey but loves making this sound and varying the pitch. The beginnings of intonation and syllables.
She'll also point out animals to you. When looking at a book, ask her where the cat, dog, horse or fish is and she'll point them out to you. When you're counting things, she'll grab your finger to follow as you point them out to her.

David vs. Golliath

Last weekend we went to Klein Barnitz to visit the twins Sidney and Spencer. Here’s a link to the pictures.
Itty bitty Stella put big Sydney in his place. One of Sidney’s new tricks is to crawl up behind his brother, grab his shirt collar and start swinging Spencer.
As Stella was playing alone in the boys’ room, Sidney crawled into the room to see what she was up to. He came up from behind, grasped Stella’s shirt collar and pulled Stella backwards. Their heads collided and the startled Stella wasn’t too fond of this new development. She was playing with a small plastic cement truck.
I was trying to dislodge Sidney’s hand when Stella turned around to see who was behind her. As she turned her shoulders, her hand and the truck came with her. The truck met Sidney square in the jaw. Not hard but enough to startle him and release his grip. David and Golliath what a funny site.

Mirror Twins

Stella loves to play in front of the mirror. Last Friday night Daddy pulled out the camera and did a small photo shoot. With her big front teeth and her new grin in a couple of pictures, she looks like Chucky the murder doll.
Another amazing thing is to see so many different people in Stella. We see not only Myself or Maja but traces of Franzi, Oma and Opa, cousin Carrie. It’s amazing how the human genes mix.
link to pictures

Road Trip Entertainment

Stella is riding in the care more often now. When she is alone with Mommy she has found a new game to play. Holding a book she puts it on her head, then pulls it down over her face, then slowly pulls the book away from her face. The action makes her go cross-eyed and when her eyes pop back into focus she lets out a happy giggle and then repeats.

Pancake Helper

It’s no secret that Stella has been a mommy’s girl for the longest time. It has become so bad that daddy had to give up his nightly duty of putting his little girl to bed. We might be on the winds of change. Yesterday was the annual Benn family reunion. Even though Mommy was in eyesight Stella was still happy to play with all the family.
This morning she actually wanted to go to Daddy as soon as she woke up. She stayed in his arms all morning, Helped make pancakes and ate breakfast with him.

Mountain Crawler

Stella is not too far away from taking her own steps. If you’re standing a meter away, she’ll launch herself the two steps into your arms. She still likes to have the security of a parental hand and with that she’s off. Of course she doesn’t always want to take the most conventional way from point A to B usually wanting to crawl on top of and over anything that stands in her way. It’s amazing how high she can lift her leg.
Welcome to the Bunny Rabbit Chronicles. Stepping away from our email updates, to blog posts. Hopefully this will lend itself to more updates and quick tidbits. Hope you all enjoy. - jeremy