Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Happened?

What Happened? 

 We endured a hot summer

Had our first official haircut

Took a vacation to England
To attended a wedding 
Riding across the North Sea

 In a big boat


 Meeting distant family members

And Harry Potter
 Adopting a Grandfather

And learning to fly


upon our return

Daddy started a new job
We celebrated a second birthday  

Started a new gymnastics group

Learned to ride a Laufrad


And just put up our Christmas tree.

Wishing everyone warm holiday season.
Stay tuned.
The Chronicles will continue in 2013.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Vacation

And so another summer vacation comes to an end.

What'd we do?

Bringing in the harvest


Fun at the beach

Eating corn on the cobb "American" Style

Picking raspberries

Visit from the Matsumoto's from Japan

Taking a break from the crazy heat

Spraying sister with the hose

Making new friends

Calling Opa

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raspberry Monsters

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fruit, especially when it is picked by your own hands.

Today we had wonderful weather a so decided to venture to Lödings Farm on Lake Ratzeburg.

The first adventure was to take a wagon ride behind a “BIG” tractor. Emmett could hardly contain himself as it pulled up.

Then the fun started. Stella had an eagle eye for spotting ripe raspberries and she was at a good level. I think many people didn’t want to bend down to pick the “low hanging fruit”.

After picking 2 kilos of Raspberries we met Oma & Opa with Oma-Ur and Franzi for coffee at the outside café.

There was a huge sandpile (I can’t call it a box, there was nothing closing it in), little tractors and the “Straw Box”… A little hut with straw in it for the kids to play in.

Where’s waldo? For a moment we lost sight of Stella. After scanning the horizon someone finally spotted her hat popping out like “Wilson” from home improvement.

Once home the kids turned into little raspberry monsters.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Afternoon at the Beach

Today the sun was out, the air fresh and we made our way for the first time this year for an afternoon at the beach.

I’m not sure why but Emmett did not like boarding the ferry to cross the river. If we let him go, he would make a B-line for the exit.

Once we were moving he was okay.

Hmmm he better get used to it before we board the BIG Ferry for England in September.

It was really fun to watch how Stella has gained her independence. Without thinking, she headed straight for the balancing rope and walked, swung and ran her way across. Something where I would have had to been within arms reach last year. And she has confidence on the zip-line all by herself.

Emmett too climbed all over the place. And flirted with all the cute girls.

I saw a T-shirt on a kid the at the beach. It had printed on it “I’m a trouble maker” I think something like that has Emmett’s name on it for the future.

Ps. Happy Fourth of July my American Friends!