Friday, February 26, 2010

One point for Daddy

Some people have pet peeves, little things that annoy them.
Others don’t understand; it doesn’t bother them.

It’s such a good feeling when your little one takes your side.

We have two lazy Suzanne cupboards in the kitchen.

Mommy loves to leave them open.

It drives daddy crazy!

When ever they are left open, Stella runs up and says “zu, zu, zu [close, close close]” and tries to push the doors closed.

YES! Score a point for Daddy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Potty Saga

Fact – Hannah is six months older
Fact – Hannah is being potty trained
Fact – Stella is learning too

“You know what Opa, I’m going to sit on the potty for you.
I’m even going to do #2. Just don’t tell mommy and daddy, I won’t give them the satisfaction sitting on this thing for them.“

Hannah notification – running to the toilet, legs crossed.
Stella notification – if it’s wet “EWWWWwwww” - if it’s stinky a big “Woah!”.

Now we just need to get the notification before the act.

Stella likes to flush the toilet.
Stella thinks of others. When in the bath with mommy, she insists mommy pull off some extra toilet paper for daddy which, is conveniently lain on the railing for daddy the next time he uses the facilities.

What do they say? “baby steps” We are making headway.

And so the saga continues.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Star Wars - A Drama

Mommy comes into the kitchen and says to Daddy: “We have a problem“

Daddy: „what?“

Mommy: “Look!“ as she holds out her hand to reveal a decapitated Princess Leia action figure minus a foot, a hand and a head that is torn at the jaw. “Holly must have been gotten her.“

Daddy: “Hmph, Why did she have to pick Stella’s favorite character?”

Mommy: “yeah, why not the droid that always has to stay in the box. Guess we need to get a new one“

Daddy: “Do you know when this was made?“

Mommy: “No“

Daddy: “1983, She’s a Return of the Jedi action figure. You can’t get them any more.“

Stella: running into the room “Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa,Leia owa,Leia owa“ crying profusely.

Daddy to Mommy: “Guess we can’t just trash her huh?“

Mommy to Stella: “Daddy’s going out and on his way he’ll take princes Leah to the Doctor.

Stella: crying profusely “Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa,Leia owa,Leia owa.“

Mommy to Daddy: “You’ll figure something out. May the force be with you.“

Daddy to Stella: “Daddy’s taking Princess Leia to the doctor I’ll be back in a while“

Stella: sniffle sniffle, “yeah, Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa, Leia owa.“

Meanwhile as daddy is away Stella wakes up from her nap. The first thing she asks mommy: “Daddy, doctor, Leia, heil [better]“

Mommy reassures Stella that Daddy is at the doctor with Leia.

On his way home Daddy stops at home depot for some superglue. In minus 4 degree weather daddy lifts open the back hatch of the car and lays Leia out for surgery. After a couple of difficult few moments; the jaw is reset, head back on, hand reattached…DAMN the foot's completely gone. She’ll live but be forever deformed.

Back at home Daddy gives Leia back to Stella.

Daddy to Stella: “Leia is sick, she just had an operation“

Stella takes Leah with a big smile and immediately notices the missing foot. Pointing to it “ohhhhh, Leia owa“

Stella: Laying Leia down and covering her : “Leia hia [sleeping], Leia hia

p.s. if anyone out there has an old Princess Leia action figure in a dusty box that you don’t plan on selling on ebay, there’s a small child in Germany who could use a replacement.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Daddy's been sick the last couple of days. Stomach virus sick.

As he was paying his respects to the Porcelain God, Stella came over and laid her head on his  shoulder.

When the girls were outside, Stella said "daddy owa, daddy haia (sleeping)"

Aww, what a cute compassionate girl.

Then she climbed into bed and  jumped on daddy's stomach.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland....still

They say it’s been the worst winter (or best, depending on your point of view) in 25 years. Northern Germany isn’t used to this kind of weather. Some villages used their Yearly budget for snow clean up in one weekend.

We’ve had fun.