Monday, January 24, 2011

Opa snore's

“Otay, lets go downstairs. Opa can snore while we goof around”

Where does she get this stuff? Who needs TV? Our daughter has the makings of a stand up comic with rhetoric like this coming out of her all the time.

Growing like a weed. At 3 months, Emmett is as big as Stella was at 6 months…6650 grams and 64 cm.

My goodness he’s already wearing clothes for 6-9month old babies.

We thought were prepared. Even with all the pink garments filtered out, we had a lot of newborn clothes. But within three weeks he outgrew those.

We still have two more months before the kiddy flea markets, I cringe at paying full price but you gotta do what you gotta do…we’ve had to go shopping so the kid has something to wear.

I still refuse however to bay 25€ for a shirt that has less fabric than the sleeve of my work shirts.

Unlike Stella who would only smile and talk with Mommy as a baby, Emmett will chat with anyone. Sometimes he gets so excited when your talking too him, his eyes light up and his whole body goes into convulsions.

The other weekend, Stella spent the night at Oma&Opa’s with cousin Lea. The two were extremely excited to be together; and a whirlwind of action, dancing running, laughing thus followed.

When they were taking a bath, Stella asked Lea if she should wash her back and then scooted over and scrubbed her down.

As it was getting later, Oma said we need to head downstairs because Opa is really tired.

Then Stella says, “lets go downstairs. Opa can snore and we’ll goof around!” however, once in bed, they subsequently crashed.

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