Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ode to the Tired Tantrum

I know I should not laugh.
But it’s really quite a sight.

Her knees just buckled
Hands hide her face

Does she even know what she wants?
The opposite of what I asked!
At this moment
Nothing makes her happy

I pick my tired daughter up
I hold her at arms length
Just far enough to be safe

Like a mechanical Doll gone haywire
The head flies back and forth
Arms flail from side to side
Legs pumping back and forth
A droning wail threatens our glass

Then I give her a big hug
Keeping her close again for protection
As she twists and writhes to get down
Good that I have super dad reflexes

Feet on the floor
And off she goes

Hiding behind the door
Hands hiding face

Damn, I wish I had a video camera rolling

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