Monday, March 1, 2010

Luna Lovegood & the HAT

Stella has an aloofness to her. She does what she wants regardless of what others think. In good luna lovegood fashon (for those that aren’t familiar with the harry potter series, check here for a definition) Stella has a unique fashion sense. In the last few days, she has refused to take of her froggy pajamas, insisted that the houseshoes are put on over the top and that she under no circumstances will take off her HAT!.

Her Hat!

This is a strange phenomenon. She understands a lot of English. When prompted she’ll even speak it like “please” and a few other key words. But she primarily speaks German. One word however has stuck. The word “HAT” and her hat she has to wear. For days now she has refused to take it off. Insisting that she wear it in the house, eat with it and even sleep with it on.

She accepts no alternative, it has to be the pink one shown in these pictures. There was drama when We had to switch the pajamas after sauce had been spilled on it. But rest assured, the house shoes went on over the new pajamas.

As frustrating as it is, trying to get her to change into “fresh” clothes, I hope this thick headed aloofness sticks when she is faced with the peer pressure that is sure to come.

The snow has stared to recede and we were able to get out about this weekend. Rediscovering the slide and swing and her tractor.

The experiment

True Love


  1. Where have I seen this before? Oh yes, Stella's aunt did the same thing in high school wearing PJs in public and to amount of coaxing would change her mind. Must run in the family....LOL

  2. And Stella's aunts also used to dress in unique ways, including putting pull-ups on their heads, but I think that was instigated by Stella's grandfather.