Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Battle of wills

Friday Stella spent the day with Opa.

Stella has her baby puppet.

There is a slightly oversized stocking cap, not made for the puppet, that Stella would ask Opa to put on Baby.

As soon as it was on, it would half fall, half be pulled off.

After about the twentieth time, Opa had an idea.

He pulled out Oma's sewing box and with great effort attached a strap to the hat to that it wouldn't come off.  

Opa was really proud of himself and his clever idea.

Stella on the other hand was not!

After a huge fuss, Opa relented and took the strap off.

From the point on, Opa ignored Stella's requests to put the hat on.

Who won?

I give Stella 1 point and Opa 0.25 for ignoring her after the fact. 

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