Monday, December 7, 2009

Lübeck Weihnachtsmarkt

Yesterday Stella experienced the Lübeck Christmas market fort he first time.

Although the weather was overcast and rainy, she fully enjoyed it. So many new stimuli, people and shiny lights.

We started at the Fairytale world where several scenes from famous fairytales are depicted with puppets. Stella was fascinated by the animated creatures and the spinning carousel. When we would turn to leave a particular attraction she would start fuss but two seconds later she would see something else to attract her attention and all was good again.

From fairytale land we moved onto the crowded marketplace. Sitting on Daddy’s shoulders she had a birds eye view of the packed market. She started dancing to the music and shouting “ohh, ohh”. The passerby who happened to look up at her instantly had a smile on their face.

Stella tried the large soft pretzel with cheese melted over it and she especially liked the chocolate Bannana.

Finally we were by the big Ferris-Wheel. Although it was huge and colourfully lit, Stella didn’t take any notice. There were PONY’s! Stellla stared transfixed on the little Shetland ponies and when they stopped she would pet them. We had to stand there at least 15 minutes. She did not want to leave.

When we finally got home, she was worn out, over stimulated, fussy and crashed.

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