Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bucket head breaks the unbreakable

Corning, famous glassware. Oven safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, Virtually unbreakable. This is what I told Maja as Stella was pulling out and stacking the small corningware bowls we have. „Maybe“ says Maja, „but is it Stella safe?“ Good question I say as Stella looses her grip on a bowl and in super slow motion, the bowl drops to the tile floor shattering into hundreds of tiny pieces.
“Guess not.” I laugh back to Maja as I swiftly pick up Stella and Maja moves in to clean up the mess.

Picking up, stacking, and moving things, especially bowls (usually she only has access to the Tupperware cupboard) is a favorite pastime. She’ll even help you clear or load the dishwasher. She needs clear oversight though, otherwise she gets confused and will put dirty in with the clean ;-)
And if she isn’t stacking the bowls then she is happily wearing them as a hat. I call her bucket head.

I am happy to announce that the snuffles promptly went away with out further increase of systems. In its place are two top molars and two on the bottom about the break through.

The teeth though I don’t think have helped with her attitude. Or its just the struggle with learning to handle independence or the understanding the lack there of. Stella knows what she wants. She tells you what she wants. If you don’t understand, the pitch of her groan lifts, eyes shake in frustration, face turning red. Okay, nothing new. But now tell her she can’t have something, or it’s time to stop and watch her drop to the floor in a heap burying her face in her blanket, arms or stuffed animal that is in hand. A rather amusing display which is rather short lived. Sometimes I’ll get down on the floor and put my face right up next to hers. I’ll look for a second then say “boo”. From underneath the pile of blanket you’ll here a frustrated giggle.

These new tantrums have disturbed our nightly routines. As we sit in the rocking chair and read our books, we’ll pick out one last book to read. When it’s done of course she wants another one. I say no it’s lights out. I’ll turn the light out and she’ll start squirming and crying. As soon as I move her from a sitting position to a lying position in my arms, she’s out.

This happened three nights in a row. On the fourth, I got her to bed with out the crying. I put our book down and just before she started fussing for another book, I pulled another bunny from behind my back. She grabbed it with glee and buried her face in it and the other ten animals she had in her hand. At that moment I turned off the light. She contently lay down in my arms and then I was able to put her down in bed. Whew. Good night.

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  1. bucket head...cute.
    I hear she's quite a guitar player as well.