Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Durchgedreht" This single German word sums up Stella the last few days. English? The translation doesn't quite get it right… Wound up, to spin, nuts, to blow a gasket, skid, slip. What ever it is, it is as if Stella has had a bee in her pants Since Sunday evening. Maybe she was watching the fevered action of the twins Sidney and Spencer at work and was taking notes, who knows. Now I know that Susanne and Daniel will not believe us. "What? The quiet and reserved Stella gone wild?" they'll say. Well yeah, she's a bit reserved around people she's not that comfortable with. But once she is, hold on to your hat, it's going to be a wild ride. Sunday night I was out of breath by the time I got her in bed. Running between rooms, flipping around, running away from you…oh look, there's something cool bam she's off like lightning.

Regardless of how wound up she is though, she'll eventually calm down as she sits in your lap, drinks her bedtime milk and looks at a book or two with you. After the stories we turn out the light and cuddle for a minute. Then I'll ask if she's ready to lay down in which she will shake her head yes and I'll put her down. What an awesome routine! Tonight, daddy got lots of kisses, without asking. As we were cuddling she looked up at me and gave me a kiss, then another. Then she turned around, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me another. I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.

Stella has no fear. I think I have mentioned this before but I think she has adopted this motto as her middle name. Instead of crawling on the bed, now she stands up and runs around, not worrying where she's going or that there is a two foot drop on the end, succeeding just about every night to give her parents a heart attack. Just stepping off the couch or what ever she is standing on, whether you are ready or not.

She loves for you to hold her in your arms and spin spin spin around. Until you can't stand straight anymore and then she asks for more. She does this by shaking her head yes. A simple nod and a mischievous smile, innocent eyes asking for just "one more time". Spinning, dropping backwards and hanging upside down and running from the tickle monster. Now maybe I don't know enough about child psychology but just like children have this fear of clowns, I would expect Stella to be afraid of the tickle monster.
Let me describe him so you have a better picture of what we are dealing with here. A large being, three times your size. He walks with heavy steps shaking the floor. Arms are open wide as if hugging an ancient red wood tree. Strides like an elephant swinging from side to side. Eyes searching high and low for the little Stella. And the voice? Booming, horse, raspy crying out "WHERE IS STELLA, HERE COMES THE TICKLE MONSTER"

Now I think I would be afraid of this creature but Stella? It's her new favorite game. She'll hide behind the door or jump into mom's arms and laughs uncontrollably when she's caught. When the tickle monster stops, she quickly shakes her head "yes" to do it again…repeatedly. And if she has had enough? She just tells you "nein" and the game is off. You're usually ready to stop though before she is.

Another game she has is peak-a-boo. Stella will hide behind something and then peak her head out. Traditionally this game happens at the dinner table. When she's had enough we'll let Stella down from her chair. She'll run behind the kitchen door. She especially likes when we pretend we don't know where she has gone and ask each other if we have seen where she went. Then Stella will slowly peak her head out around from the corner, giggle and run to one of us. Then she'll turn around and repeat.

I think I have illustrated the point that Stella doesn't need any help walking anymore. She has even made it down our steep slope in the back yard by herself. She's still not as sure-footed as say a two year old. Still walking with the hard steps that make your joints cringe but with fearless abandon she strives forward. Now if she wants your hand, it means she wants to take you somewhere to show you something.

By the way, if you don't spin Stella around enough, she'll do it herself. And if the music is on, she'll turn it into a dance. Which she'll do anyway if music is on. Bouncing up and down, shaking it all about.

She is also consciously waiving bye-bye, blowing kisses and even shaking your hand goodbye as she is in this picture. Stella is saying goodbye to her friend Hannah.

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  1. Now that I've had the joy of meetin Stella, your blogs take on a whole new dimension.