Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do the monkey

Monkey face

What does a monkey say? It pulls its shoulders up, arms sticking out, eyes rolling, dancing around and makes an oooh oooh sound. Well that’s Stellas impression of a monkey\goriilla when you show her the picture.

Stella has a new way to show that she is concentrating really hard. She sticks her tongue out the side of her mouth. This she showed us the other day as she was climbing up the rungs to the slide. These are not steps; these are straight round rungs that you could slip on easily. With hard edged determination she decided that she was going to climb up to the slide herself. Using the side rail for balance she managed this a bit shakily the first time and each successive time she became more steady with her climbing skills. Mom’s hands hovering around her waste should she slip but this was rarely needed. And with each step, eyes of steel on her goal, tongue stretched out.

- stella watching a kite in the air

- Great pumpkin

The other day, Maja arrived at the day care and Stella was standing at the door ready to go. Maja had to pack a couple of things so Stella decided to head back into the kitchen. When Maja was ready a moment later, Stella was too busy flirting with Janek to want to leave. Maja said “Bye, bye Stella, I’m going home”. At that Lorenz ran out and grabbed Maja’s hand. “You can go yet, you have to wait for Stella” he said. Alas, a moment later, Stella came trotting out of the kitchen and they headed home.

Fall as arrived. Our friends Bonnie and David visited us last week. We went out into the country and took some family photos. This is one of a series that Bonnie took of us. visit my facebook page to see some more.


  1. I love the pumpkin picture!!! Wow, she just keeps growing and changing, even from just a month or so ago! And she keeps getting cuter and cuter-and she's such a happy girl (can't call her baby anymore, can I?)

  2. What a good photographer you have!