Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Big Bad Wolf

Last night, Stella woke up several times in a matter of an hour and a half, screaming in terror.

Nothing would calm her and it was obvious she didn’t want to close her eyes and go back to sleep.

She couldn’t tell us what was wrong. And how do you help a child formulate their feelings without putting words in her mouth?

The only things that I could gather were that she didn’t want me to leave, it was too dark in the room and she had a bad dream.

Still, no matter how we asked, she couldn’t tell us what was wrong.

Finally when nothing else would work, Mommy brought her to our room and she slept through the night.

Maybe it’s my ignorance of child memory capabilities but I didn’t think to ask again the next day. I figured we’d have to wait and see if it happens again.

On the way to the store Mommy and Stella were discussing taking a nap this afternoon (as she hasn’t been taking her naps and she becomes a grump late afternoon) when she says to Mommy and says that she was afraid last night. When asked of what “there was a big wolf in my room”

Without prompting from us, without being asked about the previous night she offered this explanation.

Finally she was able to find words to express what had happened.

I don’t recall any stories that she may have read where there is a big bad wolf! We’ve read Goldilocks but not Red Riding Hood. Hmmmm maybe at Oma & Opa’s?

We’re ready for tonight. Mommy is going to scare the wolf with Stella.

Daddy is going to put Sammy (the giant frog) and Cookie Monster on watch in front of the bed.

But alas we will have to wait to see if this offensive works.

Oma and Opa were over today and asked if they could have Stella for the night.

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