Friday, September 10, 2010

Simple said

Dinner at Oma & Opa’s house.

Stella is finished crawls under the table

Where Holly is peacefully laying in the dog bed.

Conversation up top continues.

A loud squeak as a brown streak bolts out the room.

Mommy leans under the table and asks Stella what she did to the dog.

Looking mommy straight in the eyes

All matter of innocence

Raising two fists as if grabbing Pippi Longstocking’s pigtails

Matter of factly says “so”

Simultaneously pulling her fists outwards in one swift motion

Facial expression of incomprehension as to what went wrong.

Bursting with laughter inside, Mommy managed to hold herself together long enough to explain that you can’t pull the dogs ears,

That hurts!

Before leaning back over the table, out of sight and cracking up.

1 comment:

  1. So glad you now have an "under the table" story to tell. You'll remember it forever. Have we ever told you Beth's story?