Tuesday, September 7, 2010


What do Tinkerbell, the Wicked Witch of the West, Pippi Longstocking, Hannibal Lector, Liza Manelli and Albert Einstein have in common?

They all reside within the body of my 2.5 year old.

Is it too early to diagnose schizophrenia?

It’s amazing how fast this little tot can change gears.

The sweetest little thing one minute and an absolute terror the next.

Stubborn is without a doubt, her middle name.

Above and beyond the typical toddler games.

At the slightest hint of anything not going her way, shoulders arch in, bury scowling face in hands, light sniffels, watch out here it comes…BOOM!

Absolute Meltdown!

Simple things like changing clothes make my last post to the child welfare system look like a cake walk.

Mental note: Gotta add some sound dampening insulation to the house. Good thing it’s getting cold and the windows are closed.

This reaction, is it pain?

Is the overwhelming fast paced realization of the world around her?

Each day she can do more, understands more, her brain has to be ready to burst.

Does the brain just misfire, go haywire in these moments?

I know she’s on overdrive!

Once the steam is let go then she returns back to earth as our sweet little child?

She gets it
She gets a lot

She surprises us

A lot

The other day I backed my car into the driveway.

Stella told us that daddy parked the wrong way.

We were reading the Dr. Zuess “Foot Book”.

We turned the page, I read the left side, and Stella finished the sentence on the right.

She remembers small details from the day before.

Eyes like a hawk - As we brush past the window she tells us there is a deer in the field…200 yards away.

Details that adults filter out.

She really is




A wonder!

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  1. What did you think people meant by the phrase...The TERRIBLE Two's? Oh I know, you just didn't think that Stella would go through them. Yeah I didn't think my kids would either. lol My mom used to say, "This stage too shall pass". She just never warned me that there would be "other" stages. Consider this your warning. Don't worry she will still have her good days.