Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tom Boy

Stella looks cute in her dresses and straw hats. She looks adorable with those starry eyes and cute smile. But down deep, I think she's a tom boy. She likes to get dirty. She isn't afraid to smear stuff all over her face, or make a mess. She feels at home in overalls and loves her baseball cap. (thanks uncle bill)

We all know that children can be stubborn and that you have to be creative in order to get them to do want you want to do. Mommy took advantage of a playful situation between daddy and Stella. It has been increasingly difficult to get Stella to brush her teeth; she'll suck the toothpaste out but won't brush. And she wont let mommy or daddy help. Well, daddy was swinging Stella around and had her upside down the other day. While upside down and smiling, Maja took advantage of the situation and made a couple swift swipes with the toothbrush. Wow, it worked that night and it worked again a couple days later. We'll see if this becomes a routine.

Stella had her first sleepover at Oma and Opa's…without Mommy and Daddy. This is a big milestone. Oma and Opa watched Stella so Mommy and Daddy could spend the day in Hamburg and get to watch Harry Potter (in English). Turns out Opa is a good stand in mother. If Stella was unsettled by anything, she called to Opa (but said mamma) and wanted to jump into his harms. Which he happily did.

We've already stated that Stella is going to be a talker. She loves blabbering on and she has such a cool sing-song voice. This week she broadened her vocabulary to sheep sounds. Eventually we hope that human words will also start spilling out of her.

She has also started quickly flitting between objects…the chair, couch, to mommy and back. She can indeed walk by herself and when she doesn't think about it she does it fine. Soon she's gonna let go.
Here's some random pictures from the last week. At the beach, in the garden, just having fun.

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