Monday, August 10, 2009

Maja the May Pole

Yesterday we were running back and forth from the door to the mirror. Today we turn from the door, run halfway across the room, do a 180 and swing back around to the door. Straight ahead charging has turned into half drunken swerving. And mix it up a bit, grab mom's hand and just run around in circles. So fast that we can't catch her.

A strange phenomenon has occurred in a matter of a day. Where yesterday Stella was clingy and had to have physical contact; today she's happy with her doll amusing herself between the chairs under the table while we clean up after dinner. Such a weird feeling. We really attribute it to the daycare. She's learning from the others how to play, share and amuse herself, but she's not ready to share her mommy yet. Stella and Hannah really like each other, today they were cuddling again, giving massive head hugs and Stella wouldn't drink when mommy gave her something. But when Hannah offered to share, she drank.  Needless to say, today at the swing set, Stella was not at all happy when mommy had to put her down to catch Hannah on the slide. But a moment later the mood passed and they were best friends again.

To sleep we have a new routine. We still need our blankets, all four of them but Sam has to come to bed with her. For those who haven't met Sam, he is a giant 3.5 foot frog, bigger than Stella. He talks up half the crib. But she needs him to cuddle and fall asleep now. Later when we go to bed, we sneak into the room and remove him so Stella has a bit of space to move around.

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