Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nein, nein, nein

Nein nein nein
We've added a new word to our vocabulary. Maybe it's because we don't say it often but when we do we mean business or that Stella has now associated that certain things such as the electrical outlet or AV video outlet are called "nein" (no). For example, we let Stella push all the buttons on the media devices. The only thing she is not allowed to touch is the video cable coming out of the front of the TV. Now-a-days as she approaches the forbidden cable she'll point to the cable and then say "nein, nein, nein" shaking her head, staring directly at Maja and then pull her hand away.

Eyes hair and nose

Stella is now able to recognize different "things". If you can ask her where her nose is and she'll point to it. Then you can ask her where mommy's or daddy's nose is and she'll either point or grab it. She especially likes it when she squeezes daddy's nose and it "honks".
She also knows where her hair is, mouth and knee. Yeah, don't ask, she has a fascination with knees. Stella will also play games with you. There is a song where you cover your eyes, she will try right along with you. Also a song where you slap your hands and she does that too.
With most of the words too she has an understanding of the German and English words.

Hugs and Kisses

Stella has become much more affectionate of late. She loves to cuddle. Not only when you wake her up and when she's tired but also while playing. While playing or rolling around, she'll lay down on her belly cuddling with her blanket, bunny or you and look. She'll also crawl up into your lap and give you a big hug…and kiss

Planes, trains and…cats
I mentioned before that Stella gets excited when she hears the planes approaching for a landing. Now if we're inside and she here's it, she still gets excited; pointing upwards, uttering "ohh" and then try and look outside to see it. The other day, we were sitting on the couch and she leaned over my knee almost falling off to crane her neck out the window to see it. Stella also recognizes the chimes that mark the coming of a train and she gets excited. Lastly Stella likes cats. When ever we see one she giggles and points.

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