Thursday, July 2, 2009

Attack off the Wererabbit

Although Stella has her own regular toothbrush, Maja also uses a rubber brush that fits onto your finger like a thimble. In Trying to stick your finger into a squirmy childs mouth is quite a challenge. Maja was finally able to get close to Stella’s teeth when she chomped down hard. Even with the thick rubber protection, Stella’s huge incisors hurt. In surprise Maja gave a short gasp and tried to pull out her finger which in turn, the rubber gave a nice rubberband “snap!” Stella Found this hilarious and as soon as the finger came close again chomped and chomped. Playing the game, Maja exagerated her reactions (careful not to put her finger actually in the mouth) to which Stella kept chomping and laughing.

Stella will be walking on her own soon. She really doesn’t need your support but she thinks she does. Sometimes when she doesn’t think about it she’ll take a few steps on her own. If you try and get her to come to you, she’ll lunge at you. But she’s standing more and more on her own.

Stella has some new friends on the Block. Two girls roughly Stella’s age live down the street; Hannah and Tolstoja. They love playing with each other and when every one walks by the other’s house, they have to run out and say hi.

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