Monday, June 29, 2009

A warm Homecoming!

I was on a business trip all week. Most of the time when I spoke to Maja, Stella was sleeping. On Saturday however Stella was awake.
Maja put me on speakerphone. As soon as Stella heard Daddy's voice, her face brightened up, she laughed, grabbed the phone and started babbling happily.
Late Saturday night, I returned from my trip. Right before heading to bed, Stella woke up; she needed a change of clothes. Even though she was just coming out of a deep sleep her face brightend when she saw Daddy and giggled and flirted with him.
Daddy had the privilege of putting Stella back down and in the morning Stella again helped Daddy make pancakes.
Precious moments that shouldn't be forgotten. :-P

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  1. How come I didn't know about these chronicles? Trying to keep up with your little sis? Very cool - definitely put me on the update list!