Sunday, June 21, 2009

David vs. Golliath

Last weekend we went to Klein Barnitz to visit the twins Sidney and Spencer. Here’s a link to the pictures.
Itty bitty Stella put big Sydney in his place. One of Sidney’s new tricks is to crawl up behind his brother, grab his shirt collar and start swinging Spencer.
As Stella was playing alone in the boys’ room, Sidney crawled into the room to see what she was up to. He came up from behind, grasped Stella’s shirt collar and pulled Stella backwards. Their heads collided and the startled Stella wasn’t too fond of this new development. She was playing with a small plastic cement truck.
I was trying to dislodge Sidney’s hand when Stella turned around to see who was behind her. As she turned her shoulders, her hand and the truck came with her. The truck met Sidney square in the jaw. Not hard but enough to startle him and release his grip. David and Golliath what a funny site.

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