Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ride like the Wind

The snow has thawed and springtime has arrived. Time to make good on that promise, lets learn to ride.
I dug my rollerblades out, I’m ready to roll.
There’s only one problem. Each of the three times I’ve gotten her on her bike over the past few weeks, she’s gone a total of 20 feet and stops, disinterested.
Or so I thought.
Today as Mommy Picked up Emmett, Stella and Hannah ran to our house. Before Mommy came home the two were standing in the street with their bikes. Mommy wanted to help but she said “hands off”
And off they went. All the way to the ice cream stand at the other end of the village and back.
Almost a mile
As she proudly exclaimed to me “all by myself, without training wheels, to the ice cream stand and back.”
I quickly grabbed the camera and strapped on the rollerblades.
Then she proudly showed me again. 

ps - if you turn up the volume you can hear Stella's wonderful Denglish as she's starting to speak more and more English.

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