Monday, April 19, 2010

Too tired to sleep

Last night Stella brought our her negotiating skills during our bedtime routine.

Rewind: latest routine – the family brings Stella to bed.
Daddy lies down next to the crib while holly gets comfortable in the ladybug tent and mommy reads a story while Stella drinks her milk.
After milk and book, mommy puts Stella in bed and leaves the room. Stella and daddy hold hands for a minute or so, release, another minute or so and then daddy and holly leave.

Not a bad deal. I can usually use the 10 minute power nap.

Yesterday however, was a long day.
Although tired, she skipped her afternoon nap which only made it harder for the exhausted child to settle down for bed that night.

When I thought all was good, I got up to leave.
Stella sprang up, begging, no I should say, demanding that I stay.
I agree but bargain that she has to lie down and close her eyes.


At the bat of an eyelash she drops back down and nestles into her pillow. I resume my position next to the crib.

We lie there quietly for a few minutes. Every once in a while I would turn my head to check on her. The little stinker had eyes wide open, staring at me. As soon as she saw me look, she’d shut her eyes quick.

This game when on for about ten minutes until she finally settled down.

I got up to go.
She turned her head towards me.
I blew her a kiss.
She put her hand to her mouth to blow one back but didn’t have the energy to lift her arm back up and rolled back to her pillow as I closed the door.

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