Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Potty Saga

Fact – Hannah is six months older
Fact – Hannah is being potty trained
Fact – Stella is learning too

“You know what Opa, I’m going to sit on the potty for you.
I’m even going to do #2. Just don’t tell mommy and daddy, I won’t give them the satisfaction sitting on this thing for them.“

Hannah notification – running to the toilet, legs crossed.
Stella notification – if it’s wet “EWWWWwwww” - if it’s stinky a big “Woah!”.

Now we just need to get the notification before the act.

Stella likes to flush the toilet.
Stella thinks of others. When in the bath with mommy, she insists mommy pull off some extra toilet paper for daddy which, is conveniently lain on the railing for daddy the next time he uses the facilities.

What do they say? “baby steps” We are making headway.

And so the saga continues.

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