Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little privacy please

Parents know,
There is no privacy with a toddler.

She’s with you when you sleep
She’s with you when you eat
She’s with you when you...pee

This is okay.
Learn by example, right?
Mom’s sitting on the toilet, here you sit on the little potty too.

WE keep saying, daddy should sit too,
Show a good example.

But…well…daddy often forgets this.

Rewind a couple weeks, Stella barges in while Daddy is doing his business.
Stops dead in her tracks. Looks at me standing then down to the toilet and back in utter disbelief.
But transfixed trying to figure out what is going on.

Yesterday, the scene repeats. This time however, Stella looks at me, to the toilet and back; her head cocks back slightly, her upper lip curls in a snarl and she says “Ewwwww” and runs out the door.

Maybe she won’t barge in on daddy any more.

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