Monday, September 7, 2009

Time flies...

Time flies…such a cliché but how true.


But wouldn't it be perfect to have a photographic memory; to remember precisely the moment that made you smile our really touched you. How do you catalogue all those fleeting moments? A camera captures an inaudible moment. A video camera captures the moment but not the meaning, the written word really just a memory interpretation. But what about that moment when your daughter looks you in the eye piercing down to your heart and touches your sole?


You can only say "amazing" or precious so many times before it starts to lose the intended meaning. But continually that's what it is.


Amazing to notice how last week Stella although walking was still unsure, but this week running around tripping less and carrying things. Precious how after walking up after a nap, cuddling on the bed she propped herself up on my chest, to gaze out at the world, then turned to me and smiled.


Amazing, what a flirt she is and how much energy she has, goofing around with the whole family, laughing, giggling and carrying on. Precious how expressive she talks, forming so sounds which to her I am sure are sentences.


Amazing to see the wheels turning behind those piercing eyes and then seeing the click. Each day getting better at taking a cup and drinking.


And absolutely precious how as she's trying to master the spoon, she smears herself and bunny with yogurt.


I try to capture as much as I can in picture and word but time just soars on and there are so many moments that slip by. Time really does fly.

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